Meeting Old Friends and being Inspired in Grenada


Meeting Old Friends & Being Inspired in Grenada

by: Dr. Vinay Hosmane

I reconnected with Uli Khun at his world class restaurant in Grenada, West Indies. The Aquarium has a world class location and has been a consistent, top restaurant in Grenada for over 20 years.

It was nice to meet Uli again after 20 years and a great honor. Chef GG and I first met in Grenada 21 years ago and we used to walk along the beach from the Rex Grenadian (GG’s former post) to get to The Aquarium. Uli was ever present and still is; definitely a mark of a successful restaurant. 

Chef GG and Uli were good friends during GG’s stint in Grenada.  I had a great dinner here as well as a phenomenal grilled mahi mahi sandwich during our lunch meeting. This brought great memories of my two years in Grenada. 

Also had a great meal at Uli’s sushi restaurant, Yolo.  Please visit them if you happen to make it to Grenada in the Southern Caribbean. 

Looking forward to seeing Uli again soon, as he promises to visit Raas and Masala Hospitality Group in July 2019.  He will be guest bartending with me. Stay tuned as I learn to make his signature, Rum Punch with fresh nutmeg that he promised to bring from the Spice Isle. Also, hoping to see him in the kitchen with Chef GG creating a signature Indo-Carribbean dish.

Thank you Uli for an awesome lunch, hospitality, and candidly sharing about your restaurant career and for all the advice.  I admire your passion for your work.  Congratulations on your consistency. Cheers!

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