Managing Partner Discusses what the Queen Anne Victorian means to him


““When I see the Victorian@210 I am transported back to the Lewes of my childhood.....I vividly remember riding my bike past her on summer mornings down to the boat docks. And feeling the strong breeze from the bay, which I felt again this summer on the veranda..........Later, I remember driving in my first car down King’s highway past all the historic homes, passing the Zwaanendael and coming to a full stop at the intersection of Third St. and Savannah Road as 210 came into view. Then lingering for a few seconds to take in this grand, Victorian, home........To me 210 represents: stability, a time when things were simpler, a place of comfort, true community, and a time when people actually sat on the their front porches and chatted with passersby.

All these great memories came back as we worked to restore the old color. Now looking forward to my kids having memories here at 210.

Masala Hospitality Group (MHG) welcomes you to our new culinary home that we hope will once again be one of the most photographed buildings in the Delaware. MHG hopes to create fond memories of Lewes & 210 for you and your loved ones. Cheers to our Victorian@210 for a another 120 years of presence. “

Dr. Vinay Hosmane - Managing Partner of Masala Hospitality Group